Photo Design Packages

Do you have pictures you’d like to use on your website that could use a little boost? We’re here to help! We’ve got several different options and editing levels to choose from below to help bring your vision to life through your images.

Keep in mind that many basic image touchups and image design for things such as Client bio pictures, headers, and logos are included with all Web Design packages as needed. See examples on our portfolio page.

We’ve got awesome Video Design Packages too!

Touch Up Level

Touch Up Packages start at $15 (Includes 2 Revisions* if needed). Touch Ups include techniques such as:

Image Editing - Frog Original Photo
Spot Removal, Cloning - Frog Image Editing
TouchUps: Spot Removal and Cloning Techniques in order to clean up the image and make it blemish free.
Image Editing - Frog Original Photo
Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Texture - Frog Image Editing
TouchUps: Contrast Adjustment, Shadow and Highlight Enhancements, and Added Texture for more depth.

Alterations Level

Some images require more attention to be used on your site or social media. Alterations packages start at $35 (Includes 2 Revisions* if needed). Alterations include techniques such as:


Other images can stand out even more with artistic edits. Artistic Editing will be unique per image based on Artist’s rendering and interpretation of Client’s vision.

Artistic Edits Level 1 packages start at $45. (Includes 2 Revisions* if needed)
Artistic Edits Level 2 packages start at $75. (Includes 2 Revisions* if needed)

Artistic Edits Level 1


Artistic Edits Level 2


All edits on any level are subject to photo limitations and Artist analysis.

*Please note: We only offer editing of images owned by Client for their personal use for their web presence. No edits on any level will be done for anything we deem as politically based, defamatory, inappropriate, or that infringes on copyright.

* REVISIONS are defined as these or similar edits:

  • moving photos and text around within the theme’s layout
  • adjusting theme options like overall colors, fonts, or other aesthetic features
  • changing a short text phrase here and there.