Heather Mertens - Writer and DesignerHello! I am so glad you are here! I’m a proud wife and mom, warm-weather-beach-loving writer and marketing designer, and faith-filled story-teller at heart. Whew! I love a full plate! And I really love, love, love helping others find their creative sweet spot and be unique in this world. Keeping design, marketing, and writing authentic since 1997.

I have adored words for nearly my whole life. In fact, I wrote my first words as a poem for my father when I was just 7 years old. When he passed away two years later, I was given his wallet. In it, I found the poem I had written to him folded away for safe keeping with him every day. I realized the power of words in that moment, and have cherished that my whole life. Since then I’ve had poetry published and written a TON of content for blogs, authors,  and business owners, as well as my own creations. Since creativity is a gift I cherish, I expanded into site design and image editing. That was a natural progression, since they too tell our stories.

I invite you take a bit to look around at the beautiful, humbling references from my past work, my portfolio, and all the services I have to offer, because I just know we will hit it off great and get YOUR unique out to the world.