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Coaching, Consulting & Teaching for Your Web Presence

Heather’s coaching and consulting is highly personalized to your needs, based not only on her many years of experience in coaching and web design, but also on the current successful trends in your niche. You will absolutely receive a unique and personalized experience!

With over 20 years of experience in full website design, marketing, and writing,
Heather offers virtual one-on-one coaching to help you take your web presence and marketing to the next level. Coming soon, you’ll find Heather’s customized video teaching sessions for building and designing your own personalized website, along with professional guidance and tips on how to market and share your unique vision. While Heather built websites for clients for many years, she finds coaching and teaching most helpful to ensure clients always have complete control and understanding of their web presence.

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Emerson Mertens - Graphic Design
Emerson Mertens

Heather’s daughter has worked alongside her for a number of years, as clients often need graphics for their web presence, books, or other projects.

Em’s graphic design skills earned her high recognition in college and many clients since she began graphic design over 5 years ago. She works with each client individually to find a great graphic to represent their unique web presence.