Work Projects

Website Design – Logo and Image Design – Video Editing & Production – Document Design – SEO & Keyword Search – Content/Article/Blog Marketing – Social Media Marketing – Email Marketing – Copywriting – Direct Marketing – Promotional Materials – Design – Virtual Assisting – Research – Inner Company Documents – Resume Writing


Binky and Bell – Pet Charity centered around Art
Kerry Ahrend – Ahrend Coaching and Consulting
VineWords —  Diane Virginia Cunio, Author, Blogger, and Jewelry Designer
Faith Beyond Fear  —  Alynda Long, Author and Blogger
Taneel’s Wellness —  Taneel Atchison, Certified Biblical Health Coach
ACESNA —  Patty Beggs and ACES North America, Non-Profit Charity
ACES Trading LLC —  Linell Stabler, Business Owner
CSBI Dance —  Lisa Geger, Teacher and Choreographer —  Barbie Swihart, Author and Blogger —  Charlene McDonnough, Author —  Toni Campbell, Author —  Sarah Malcangi, Christian Apologist and Writer —  B.E. Blessed Publications: Elena Caudle, Author and Bethany Kerr, Artist/Illustrator
Family Growth  —  Poovanesh Pather, Lifestyle Blogger
Anazao Dance (Dance Company)
Hope for Haiti (Ministry)
Birth, Baby, and Me
Kansas School of Classical Ballet
FV Travel
SMA (Health Company)
Indian Creek Community Church
Scrapbook Unique: (Art Store)
Arrow Rock Antiques and Mercantile
The Life of Why (Ministry)
7Cubed (Ministry)
Life Questions, Bible Answers (Ministry)
Strategy LLC  and their Clients:
Bluestem Chemical, California Miramar University, Char MacCallum Real Estate, Datamax, Discount Crowd Control, Emerald City Gym, Fellowship Community Church, Focal Point Coaching, Fry Orthodontics, Goddard Spiral Stairs, GPOMS, Heather Anders Art, JELC, Jenkins & LeBlanc Dentistry, LivingSent, Kings Family Church, MOHN, National Airline History Museum, Penntech, Pathmaker Foundation, Swinney Insurance, Through Cindy’s Lens, Trulight, Treasures Flea Market, VanWitt