When Is It OK for a Christian to Listen to a Medium or Psychic? — 16 Comments

  1. I love this, dear Sister. Thank you for telling this part of your story. What a beautiful way to encourage us to test the spirits! God is SO good!

  2. I know of so many people who have been to psychics lately. It worries me for them. I am a saved Christian now, but there was a time many years ago when I dabbled in some very scary stuff…I saw the evil firsthand and I never want my friends and loved ones to be tricked into believing it is “just for fun” or “harmless” because it is anything but. Thank you for shining light on this topic.

    • Maranda, you are so right that they think it is harmless and it is anything but. Many I know still talk about it around me even though they know my story. I just keep praying for them and hopefully they will have their eyes opened.

  3. I knew someone who was having an affair with a psychic – yes, with the psychic. When she asked if, upon leaving her spouse, would everything be OK, would she be safe, the response was, “Yes, you will be fine, and you will be able to keep all your stuff.” She wasn’t fine; she was killed by her husband the next day. No joke. True story.

    Satan will masquerade around as a truth-teller, but all he wants to do is lie, deceive, and destroy. I’ve seen it happen and helped clean up the mess.

    • Wow, Anthony! That’s when the real gets really real, isn’t it? And for every day that goes by weirder and weirder stuff is happening, and we must be aware what is of God and what is not. He mentioned something about separating though. I think that’s the time were in.

  4. Many years ago, like you I was intrigued by fortune tellers, and numerology and astrology even… I really wasn’t aware at the time that this was not favourable to God… God’s protection led me out of interest in those things though. There are many …even my sister who watches a medium on t.v. and she is a Christian but can’t get over how this person knows so much. I tried to tell her that it was Satan involved but she really wasn’t convinced… I’m going to print off your post, and give it to her as maybe more food for thought… Diane

    • Diane, I pray that your sister would have her eyes open to the truth. As human beings we all know what it’s like to lie and even have a tendency to in many situations, so you would think we’d all know that we can be deceived just as much as we can deceive. Even more by THE Enemy.

      • I printed and gave your post to her… so I can hope she does see that even though the medium for example sounds sincere, because she may be… but she is the one who is being lied to…. Diane

  5. Me too Heather. Me too. But I was angry at the Lord. I sought the future my own way – horrorscopes, tarot cards, ouija boards, magic 8 balls. I’m so thankful the Lord opened my eyes to His truth. He protected me from my worst enemy, me! Glad he protected you too!

    • Michelle, I am SO sorry that your comment was hidden from me until today. I had no idea it had chosen out of the blue to hide just one of your comments. 🙁
      I too am so thankful God protected you and guided you towards Him instead of those New Age deceptions. I am so glad He never gives up as we wade through the junk of life that is tempting!
      Blessings for your upcoming move!!
      Heather M

  6. Alive to proclaim His goodness and mercy, and deliverance. Praise God! Thanks for sounding the alarm. Don’t dance with the devil – he’ll make a fool out of you. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. Amen. Some believers just deny the reality of these things. We do have to be aware & discerning. As you (& scripture) say, test everything!

    • There’s a lot to test today, isn’t there? More and more every day. Even from within The Church. Let’s stay diligent together!

  8. Wow, Heather. This is so powerful. SO much truth spoken here. You are exactly on target, and I am so grateful to you for bringing this to light. God bless you, sweet friend. 🙂

    • You’re such a sweet sister in Christ, Cheryl! I need to catch up on my reading and head over to your blog!

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