Answering the Question: Do We Always Speak the Truth? Would We Die for It? — 9 Comments

  1. Wonderful advice, Heather. God needs His church to rise and be that city that is set on an hill. We can afford to hide our lights no longer. Our passivity has cost us greatly.

    • Blessings to you, Cheryl. 🙂 I am thankful for your encouragement as I go All In.. risky but well worth it to prolaim His Truth and Love.

  2. True, we need to stop being afraid to stand up for what we believe in. I’ve missed many opportunities because of fear that I would say something wrong or push people away from me, but now I try very hard to share my thoughts and beliefs with others and pray that God will move something in their hearts.

    • It isn’t always easy, is it? But it is always always worth it. I believe God wants us to depend on Him for these opportunities. I pray and ask for them.
      Thanks for your friendship, Brenda. I value you. 🙂

  3. Heather, it is within my friendship with you I have learned the importance of voicing our beliefs, even if we disagree. It is in those disagreements we come closer to God, learn more of His heart, learn to open our own minds and hearts, and learn to put aside our own egos so we can be open to His call and hear His Voice and Truth.

    You are a blessing to me, my sweet friend.


    • Susan, I appreciate you so much, just love your heart! I treasure the email encouragement and comments you send because in the midst of my heartaches and disappointments the past year, you have been a beacon of light and love to my soul. You’ve ministered to me and I am thankful. Your poetry and words have power and that power is God given to draw others nearer to Him. I alwasy appreciate all converations, even those as you mention in which people dont always agree. It is an opportunity each time to show respect and love… and to learn something.
      Bless you dear friend.

  4. I definitely feel we should be open with our faith, but as you say sometimes the timing is the Lord’s to speak. Diane

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