The Edge of Everything – Finding Hope at the Edge — 16 Comments

  1. Thank you for this post. I have so many family and friends that walk that Edge of Everything line. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming just hoping and praying that something that I have said isn’t the thing that pushes them over the edge. I have to step back and remember all I can do is loved support them, I can not make their choices for them. So again, thank you for sharing.

    • I want to thank you, Charlene, for sharing your reality as a beloved bystander. It takes massive courage to stand with those who suffer the extreme, to love them, to give every conversation to God.

  2. Oh, Heather, this is such familiar territory. I don’t walk that edge anymore, but I have before, many times. Until I found the One who holds my hand. The One who whispers to me, face to face, knees to knees, tears to tears. The One who reminds me I’m never alone. He is why I will never walk that edge again. This was a beautiful connection to make with those who continue to walk that edge all too often. There is One who knows, and he’s reaching out even now.

    Bless you, Heather.

  3. I am glad that you made the right decision. I have a lot of stress on my mind, almost daily.What I do frequently is to pray, “God, please help me!” You are very important to me, and to many other people who have ever known. I am very glad that you came into my life.

  4. This parallels my experience in some ways. I felt like I lived on the edge of the drain. Life was passing by as it was sucked down an existential hole & threatened to take me with it. Only knowing Jesus loved me stopped the drain & saved me. God bless!

    • I wonder sometimes, David, if everyone doesn’t relate on some level. It is a sad world through which we navigate. Thankfully we can journey with the Author and Finisher.

  5. Mine wasn’t to step in front of a car…but to take those pills…and I guess “my soul’ knew that I didn’t really want to do it and what I took was not enough…. hard to relive those thoughts, but it’s not something we ever forget totally….Diane

    • I think we never forget it totally because it keeps us reminded of His totality in our lives. That is a reminder we need as humans. The flesh fails miserably. Thankfully He doesn’t!

  6. I understand, I’ve walked that road of being on the Edge of Everything. Thoughts of “they would be better off without me” creeping in, lies believing. I am so thankful that God continue sot reach out and save me. Thank you for sharing.

    • He has conquered those thoughts, amen. I try to immediately hold captive and give to God any thought that is not my soul’s own. I learned to quit claiming and entertaining them. It is not easy, but as you say He is continually there. Thankfully!

  7. Heather,

    I had to stop and re-read the line about the middle space a few times. Just the pausing made me consider the depth of the words. This is a soul-defining moment, this middle space we teeter within. Whichever way we lean takes us down a path that is literally the polar opposite of the other direction. Yet, even in that, we are not out of His grip. Especially in that place, we are never far from the extension of His reach.

    Your words are bringing freedom. Keep telling the story, friend.
    I am so glad you followed that knowing to the place where you fell off the edge into Jesus, there is no better place to land is there?


  8. Heather – thank you for sharing this – I can relate! I did take that step – so to speak. But even then, God didn’t let me die – despite myself – now I know that God loves us despite ourselves – our insecurities, out pain, our natures – he wants us no matter what – even when we don’t know (or don’t want to believe) that he wants us. Let’s not ever stand on the edge again okay? 🙂 God bless!

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