Do You Pray Dangerous Prayers? — 11 Comments

  1. so well said – I think sometimes we pray in ways that we feel we should – half afraid that God will actually answer – like he did Moses, David, Jeremiah, and the list goes on and on – sometimes I think we are afraid of the answers God gives us – because most of the time, they won’t line up with our lives. what a good post today! God bless you today!

    • I am so glad we connected., Mark! You are such a blessing. 🙂
      And I agree… fear drives a lot. But if only people would realize how much God wants for us outside of fear.

      • I think that is one thing that was ushered into the world when adam and eve brought evil into the wrold -the knowledge that God did not want us to have – was fear of anything…but we got it didn’t we? And now – until Jesus returns and God cleanses the world – I’m afraid we are stuck with it aren’t we? But just because we feel it – doesn’t mean God is going to let it rule us. God bless you Heather.

    • Agreed!! 🙂 That’s why I paid attention years back when God showed me that an ALL IN attitude is necessary. So glad you stopped by here, Janet! You truly bless me.

  2. Thank you for your desire to serve God. I trust that you will stay in prayer for Him to use you in a very special way. Remember Danie’s prayer. As soon as he prayed, his prayer was answered. In due time, the answer was delivered to Daniel. So, I will try to provide a bit of encouragment for you. That is, for you to stay in prayer. Let God take care of the rest.

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