When a Woman Cries {An Update Full of Tears} — 12 Comments

  1. I’m so glad that certain serious issues were ruled out… but so sorry it was so painful. Could they not have given you something for the pain… ? In any case, I do so hope that your health issues ease for you and you find some respite….. Diane

    p.s. totally unrelated to your health but I found your comment about keeping a ‘food gift card’ for times like you did interesting. I thought that was such a good idea…. but what kind of card do you get.?My husband and I were wondering. You may not get a chance to answer any of your comments for a while…. I understand…. take care Diane

    • Thank, Diane. I really do appreciate you so much.
      Unfortunately the doctor said the thing they could give me to dull the pain would be like a shot there in that area and would cause the same pain basically. I do think my Fibro made it worse than it should have been since it is an overactive messed up nerve issue. But I said, “Oh. Just get in and get out then.” Hahaha!
      The way we decided which restaurant to get food gift cards from is bascially decided by the main intersections where the most need persists… where they stand with signs in other words… it’s whatever fast food places are near there. We don’t want to add the burden of travel to their lives. Also, we do not give to everyone we see. We rely heavily on the Holy Spirit and pray through it.
      Hopy you are feeling better. <3

    • Yes, He is and forever so faithful! Thank you for praying and believing with me. I hope things are better for you. You’ve been brought to my mind in prayer many times, friend. I am so excited about your soon-to-be-grandmother status!!

  2. Such beauty and emotion in your words. I am praising God for the gift of positive answers and for continued healing. Blessings!

  3. Love is so powerful, it gets us through the tough times. It is wonderful that in your own pain you were so thoughtful of someone else’s suffering. May God bless you and heal you!

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you didn’t receive any cancer reports from your tests. Thanks for sharing the results of prayers. We don’t always hear the answers so quickly. And I know there will be more need for prayers too, so those are going up right now!

    So blessed to read the segment too about giving away food gift cards. Those touches of love make such a difference to people devoid of it. I love hearing those same stories from the recipients’ view as well. We have several homeless friends, and they often tell us of how someone blessed them in that way.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Those touches of love. I love how you put that. I want to make a difference every day that I breathe. At least I want to be willing to do that inside God’s plan as He allows. Thank you for your encouragement Lisa.

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