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  1. Beautiful post Heather..thanks for sharing this touching heart goes out to that dear brother. So grateful that he experienced our Lord’s love through you! Bless you !

  2. It’s 4:00 am in NYC and I believe I woke up to read your words. Everything about the gentleman you describe reminds me of a dear friend as have. With the exception of one thing…I believe my friend is not so much judged for his former sins as he is plagued by them. He loves God..whole-heartedly and with such passion but struggles because the part of his life he’s chosen to release to follow Christ is still part of him on a daily basis. I think he struggles deeply and it makes his walk unfulfilling. Heather, join me in prayer for him. It’s hard to see anyone live like this and he’s done it for years. I also know he’s not alone. Tough topic needing so much grace and God-sized love.

    • Lisha,
      Your words confirm that I am doing exactly what He has called me to do. That He works through my words and my love for others wells up in me with such thanksgiving that I cry real tears of joy.
      I will pray for your friend. What a hard struggle to bear. I will pray that he finds and lingers on those things around him, those people around him ~ like you my lovely heart friend ~ that are God’s love manifested.

  3. Heather, wow, I was so moved by this account. There is such a desperate need for love and acceptance in our world. I’m so glad that you were able to wrap God’s words around that beloved man like a God hug. I pray that, wherever he is right now, he has finally found grace from another member of his church and that the others follow. How can we claim to love the lost if we can’t even love our own? My heart aches for that man.

    Seespeakhearmamma – Likewise with your friend, again my heart goes out to him for his struggle. Sometimes, as hard as it is to accept, God walks us through a gradual process and, as we are worked on in some areas, the change is slow in coming as the battle of the mind ensues. It’s that renewal of the mind. I have sins that even now I struggle with mentally on a daily basis but it throws me onto Christ’s mercy. Remember Paul and the thorn in his flesh.? It keeps us weak so that we rely on God.
    But I will stand with you and pray that this chap comes to know renewal and victory in that area of his life. As you say, a tough topic and the need for grace and God-sized love.

    • Caroline,
      Thank you ever so sweetly, my friend. My heart aches for him too. That was nearly 4 years ago, and the ache is still felt in my hope for him.
      And thank you for the prayers. Also I really appreciate your comment of prayer to Seespeakhearmamma (that’s Lisha and she is a good friend of mine with a beautiful blog) – she will find it a blessing as will her friend… even if he never knows we are praying.
      Much love,

  4. When oh when will we Christians learn it is not up to us to ‘judge’ but to love… that was the commission of Christ.. ” To love one another as I have loved you”….. Diane

    • That’s a good question, Diane! When oh when? Not likely until Christ returns for many. Sad what they miss out on life, isn’t it?

  5. God has given you gifts of compassion and understanding. People sense this and seem to know that you are willing to listen and impart words of wisdom. I often feel like I have a sign on my forehead too because people are always approaching me and telling me their life stories even though they don’t know me very well. It is definitely a gift and it certainly has its rewards for both parties! Treasure it. I sure do.

    • I do treasure it so now, my friend. I hope our “signs” get to see each other some day to give each other God-hugs, but if that should not happen this side of eternity… I’ll be the one in Heaven with the sign that reads like yours. 😉

  6. I love this story – this truth – your love. So I prayed and remembered he’s a brother – so beautiful. It saddens me that others will not love him – he’s even left behind his trouble in that area. Jesus loved us “even while we were still sinners.” Woe to those who would do or offer any less. Woe!

    • They don’t know what they are missing out on by not loving. You are right, Annie, and that is why I love you… because you are “right in His love.” <3 Thinking and praying for you today. Hang in there… with me!

    • Yes, Ben!! LIKE a LIGHTBULB!!! LOVE your comment. May I continue to shine. Blessings to you as you shine, as well.

    • Thanks beautiful lady!
      You know I still can’t figure out why I can’t comment on your blog and some others! It’s driving me crazayyy!

      I love your zeal for The Lord!!

  7. Just . . . WOW! I think we are soul-sister twins! Our struggles do give us a heart for others – and we reach out because we once and sometimes still do need others to reach for us. What a beautiful, God-inspired encounter! I see the struggle of those who turn their life around – and come face to face with a crop of the seeds of their choices – and it is so over-whelming. I think that is part of the journey – inviting Him to help us pull out those seeds and plant anew.

    • You bless me! Your comment is beautiful and packed with Truth about our “crop”.
      Now, I can’t wait to read more of your blog! Let’s plant anew together. 😉

    • Maryleigh,
      I just got a moment to read your post “Unable to Look God in the Eye.”

      Yes… after reading that… I’d say we are soul-sister twins. It’s a deeper connection than just a “wow”, deeper than “oooh, I get it”… it’s Spirit knowing Spirit deep.
      Can we connect further? I’d like that very much.

      Ps – my middle name is Leigh. 😉

  8. I delight in the verve of your work here and your availability.

    A woman follows a preacher through a mall. Window shopping. Wandering. He realizes that she is tailing him and stops. “Can I help you?”

    “Forgive me Sir but I had noticed that wherever you went a Light followed you. I’m not kidding. Sounds crazy I know. Please tell me about that light. Please I am about to lose my marriage.”

    Be ready saints, ready to be surprised by ministry. Remember the universal priesthood of believers (Mark 16).

    Check out

    • “Be ready to be surprised by ministry.” I love that!
      Thank you for stoping by and commenting. My heart appreciates it. 🙂

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