We See Parts and Pieces — 8 Comments

    • Well if we were standing next to each other looking in the mirror… I’d see how much weight you lost, and how your eyes smile as brightly as your mouth, and how Jesus oozes out of you. And I’d thank Him for you.

  1. I see an old man. But when I think about Sean Connery, well…to be honest…I think of all the girls that wouldn’t go out with me in high school and say to the mirror, “They don’t know what they missed!” Seriously, though, I try to see myself as God sees me – forgiven, loved, and His.

    • There isn’t a thing wrong with looking like Sean. 🙂 My hubby does a great voice impression of Him. That works too. 😀

      Kidding aside though. The girls did miss out. You are His and that is the most beautiful you can be. Blessings my friend. Blessings for your day!

  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for linking it in your comment on my blog so that I could read it. Truly blessed me!

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