The Hands That Touched Me — 13 Comments

  1. You are so gifted Heather at writing. WOW. Just heard this on the radio “My Mess becomes HIS message.” This book is going to change hearts, lives, families and shatter the lies of the enemy. ALL GLORY TO OUR KING!

    • Thank you, Jon. It is a gift from HIm I cherish with every heartbeat. YES! Our God is all we need to make our mess HIS message! My life will never be in vain. The walk through this just became the lightest load I’ve ever carried. And I am so ready to go where He leads.

    • Thank you, Steve. Standing on the outside and looking in at my life as it has happened, I see a story that has to be told. It just has to be told. May it bless others in His way and not my own. Thank you for re-blogging and sharing this with your readers!

  2. I finally sat down long enough to read this in its entirety. Wow, Heather. You do have a gift for writing, but beyond that I am so glad you are brave enough to tell your story of strength, forgiveness, and redemption. You go, girl.

    • And GO I shall. For He has sent me. I appreciate your encouragement more than words can convey, Kelly. It’s ALL for Him that I live to tell.

  3. I find your marriage story a beautiful one. It is what a marriage should be. I am sure it is not perfect, of course, but you two have stuck together through tough times. Grown together. Overcome together. I imagine it is better now even though you still face daily challenges.

    • Thank you so much, Traci. Our marriage is certainly better than it ever was. Now the challenges presented are viewed by us differently which helps. This chronic illness is presenting challenges that we are both working through. When I think about all we went through it is a miracle and a work of God that we are still together and love each other more than ever.

  4. You’ve done it again Heather. Private message will be winging it’s way to you but only after I’ve got over my stunned silence. Keep writing, God is totally in your writing and the Spirit is breathing on it too.
    God bless you for truth.

  5. I’ll look for that email and pray over it as I do for you, my friend. Your encouragement to me is a huge blessing. Thank you.

  6. Heather, I am so sorry. I did not know about your father’s suicide or about your feelings of unworth back then. There was so much more I could have done to give you the knowledge that you were worthy of love. I am so glad you turned to God because He is the only one that was is with you wherever you go. He is walking with you every step of your life. Because He loved you first, you were able to dig your way out of your hopelessness and despair. I remember you as a sweet little girl. I wish you could have talked to me about what was going on in your life. I loved you then. I love you now.
    By the way, you are a gifted writer.

    • Hello my sweet Sister in Christ. I do deeply appreciate your heartfelt love. Since we lost touch for the most part after I moved away, you’d likely not have heard. He died when I was 9. I didn’t speak of my feelings or thoughts to anyone until I was 16. I buried it so deeply. I actually had kept, for many many years, a project you had your 1st and 2nd grade (I was in 1st) complete in which you had every student write one sentence as to one positive thing they liked about a student. You DID help and didn’t even realize it. And you wrote on it to me as well. I read that many times through the years and it helped even though it was an assignment and even though we were young, I knew you cared for us. I too wish I had talked then, but life was excruciating for reasons I didn’t begin to understand, much less articulate, until my teen years. The truth is I loved you then too, even years after I had you as a teacher I would recall how I felt love from you when I felt little to no love from most everyone in my life. And I wanted to connect with you as a young adult because of that but really never had the chance. I’m glad we have reconnected. I love you dearly too. ❤️

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