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  1. Words cannot tell how much this has touched me and I am reblogging I am also going to read this to my husband as we need to tithe properly. We are very much in the situation you were in and it is so hard when there is only 20 in the bank to give the Lord his due the bill collectors calling and sending duns. we just filed bankruptcy and will go to court this month it took a lot of swallowing pride and prayer to do that but it is what was needed. thank you for being so open and know that you gave to me a greater tool to take to my husband as to why we need to give the proper share in tithing. God Bless you!!

    • I am His to work through, so I am thanking Him right now that He can comfort and strengthen you in this time through our story. I will be praying for you. Count on it. I will be writing more for encouragement… He has called me to it and has equipped me through it. He will do the same for you. Just keep looking every day to Him… Let Him.

      God bless- Heather

      • heather thank you for your quick visit and comment I am truly honored I also have a nother blog at that you might enjoy. Thank you for your blessing and your prayers …all we do is to the glory and magnification of our Loving father! PTL Bless you!

    • Thanks, Lori. I relive these things as I write them but under the protective Hand of God. May these words be His to go out where He wants them.

    • Oh yes I am too, Sydney! Our story is HIStory that lives on as miracles to share. I call them Glory Stories! – Heather

  2. For some reason, I left where I was going to reply and went to read your story first. Usually, I reply and then go and read what someone else has sent me. After really CRYING. I don’t mean just a few tears. Your story touched me in a place in my heart I have not been in a long time. How scary for you!!!! I have been in that place many times. That place where there is nothing left but God.
    (But your story…. wow! You write so well, I was there with you following you around the nightmare! ~ everyone should read it!)
    Funny today, I just realized that maybe HE really wants me to depend on HIM more right NOW. Thank you for sharing. I have been through an abusive relationship with my first love who I think hurt me even more than my divorce, my sister being in a coma, (she came out of it and is pretty much about 90% back to 100% restored.) My dad dropping dead of a heart attack while jogging and my mom finding him on the block below (the poem I included here is one I wrote to him a few weeks before he died and he saved it in his drawer by his bed. They read it at his funeral. I was 26. My ex husband getting us into thousands of dollars in debt due to gambling a month after my dad died, And a little over ten years later a devestating divorce. About ten years ago, my husband now, and I lost our thriving shop in an earthquake. My daughter had asked to wait in our car that was flattened by the roof where two woman next door died (in-between our car and another)Thank God and I do thank HIM… That I talked her into not waiting in it! Praise The Lord! THAT was when I finally found my way back to God (in my heart) I had always gone through the motions of church and praying but it was as if a plug in a tub was popped and I let go of all the things the world had stuck on me. And more recently, my first husband dying who I still loved as the father of my children. (We had remained friends.) His body finally succumbed to his hard life style (why I finally had to leave) and in 4 months was gone due to lung cancer that had spread to everywhere. And most recently I have had a little blip in my marriage when my first love found me, asked me for forgiveness and disrupted my heart and life for (probably the rest of my life) a while. In my wildest of imaginations, I never in a million years thought it would affect me as it did.
    Let me say that I don’t believe that God caused any of this. He may have allowed it because we live in a fallen world… but I see where HE steps in ALWAYS if we invite HIM and make it so much better! I know I am supposed to be learning a lesson cuz HE keeps allowing them. Hopefully… I am finally “GETTING” it! Smile.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I don’t usually share this much but I felt a connection to you. My Grandpa’s name was Everett. 🙂

    No one could ever fill the shoes
    I once put over mine.
    Lost within your slippers,
    my feet were hard to find.
    Yes, Your overwhelming presence
    was felt within your shoes…
    a feeling so great, though I’m grown
    I know I’ll never lose,
    Each night when you’d walk in the door
    from working hard all day,
    a security would fill me up
    and push all my cares away.
    And though I’m now a mother
    with small ones of my own,
    I’ll always look back upon the days
    before I was fully grown…
    And when I’m with them on the beach
    sometimes it brings to mind,
    stepping within your footprints
    as I’d follow close behind…
    I pray that now that I’m the one
    followed by little feet,
    I’ll leave half the footprint
    I found within your feet.

    Happy Father’s Day!

    • [ I replied also on your page. 🙂 }
      My we do have so much in common – especially a hard life. But yet, for both of us God was ALWAYS there patiently waiting as we bobbed our heads above water just to keep breathing.
      I love this line you wrote:

      it was as if a plug in a tub was popped and I let go of all the things the world had stuck on me.

      LOVE THAT!
      Let’s connect more!
      You can find some more of my excerpts at the top of this page under the tab “books”. There are excerpts… all about my life and why I must share it all.

      God bless you as you share yours,

  3. Something made me wander back here! And I AM so glad I did to find your wondeful message today! Thank you. Been working so much… haven’t had time to catch up! This made my day. What a wondeful way to start it!

    • Thank you Diane! I am so very happy it blessed you. That is why in share. I am glad you wandered back by. 🙂
      I too have been super busy and can’t wait to get back to reading blogs. I will wander over to yours for sure!

      I’ll be sharing more personal stuff. I’ve been asked many times. God wants me to share more… So shall I.

  4. Heather…
    I can see you speaking to women’s groups all over God’s world. I have always felt that if we don’t share what we have learned… then it is all worth nothing. Ya know? Our scars give hope to the ones still healing! Ya know?
    Have a great day!

    • Is that a vision? 😉 I think it may be! I have felt God calling me to speak for a long while now. I actually have spoken a couple of times before but not like this vision He has given me. All I can see is lots of people … And His love pouring out into their hearts and me just being the vessel. The times I have spoken gave me an amazing sense of what His love can do – just from the comments I received. My heart leaped for joy.
      Hey I started a mini-devotional weekly newsletter – where the readers will also share stories – called Wanderings. Would you like to receive it? I am honored to serve Him. 🙂

  5. Sure! I would love to.
    Yes… I feel that I am a nudger. God puts a vision before me and I throw it out there to see if it sticks! This one confirms it!
    Off to work!

    • I’ll get you signed up today. The first 3 will come over the next few days and that should catch you up. 🙂

      I HAD to share your poem and story from “A Little More” on my Open Letter to Christians page. I have three FB pages for my ministries/blog. Lovin’ on FB too!

      If you are in there you can check it out.

      Your poem went on today with a link so my readers can read your blog. 🙂

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    • Hi – thank you for stopping by to read this part of out testimony!
      Yes, our daughter has known for years she was called to dance and touch lives for Christ in love through it. She graduated early to then dance with a neo-classical ballet company for two years. She started her dance ministry when she was 14 and her own dance company at age 17. We were then called to another state and now she is getting ready to have a company here and to teach dance here. She’s only going to be 19 this summer!) She inspires me! Her dance ministry and vision is over here:
      She wants to help children learn the true art of dance – not what much of dance has become … a severe competition where hearts are crushed and bodies are treated poorly. Healthy mind and body means the true artistic value can blossom!

      We are still living our testimony. Our daughter and us. It is exciting to watch it unfold!!

      Ps – your comment says “ps” but I don’t see one before that. Might it be missing?

      • Yes – I did make another comment … Around the wonderful testimony of Gods goodness when your husband was healed … And how challenging such an experience would have been.
        I love what your daughter is doing … The ballet deal can be so intense and as a family we have to keep pulling back from the intensity and remind the children to enjoy …
        Dance ministry is wonderful … Blessings!

  7. Wow!!! God is so faithful!!! I am looking for a miracle for my family at this moment, believing God no matter how dark the situations seem. God bless and keep you and your family.

    • I am believing for your miracle! May God work mighty! May you all draw closer to Him inside this difficult time. God bless you as you seek His will.

      Thank you for sharing and your blessings! ~ Heather

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  9. It’s wonderful that your husband recovered so quickly. Reading your story brought back a miracle that I had forgotten. Over 20 years ago, my husband started to have severe pain in his head and refused to go the to doctor. He was rarely ill and when he get sick he just ‘toughed it out’. For two days he suffered and looked like he was dying. I kept insisting that he needed to see a doctor and then finally he couldn’t stand the pain anymore, so we went to the doctor. We found out that he had meningitis but thanks to God, it was caused by a virus and not by bacteria, so he recovered completely in a few days. God is awesome!

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  11. Heather, it truly was our great God working in your husbands illness as well. It’s so great that He receives the honor and glory for it!! Praise The Lord !!

    • Yes, Levi, we could not ever stop giving our Great God the glory! Thanks for sharing in our praises here. 🙂

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