FREE WILL Does Not Always Produce FREEDOM – The Day I Helped End a Life — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Heather,
    Would love to continue this discussion but, as some personal stuff, not over public forum.
    You should be able to contact me via my details.
    Also see my blog post

    • Hi Heather, I’ve sent you an email and yes, you did have the right address.
      Look forward to hearing from you my dear.

      • Caroline,
        I received your email.
        I read it.
        My heart exploded with all kinds of emotion!
        I will respond to you … let me pray and contemplate. Just wanted you to know I got it.
        My heart is truly overwhelmed with love when people share their open hearts with me. You have loved me by trusting me with your story. I will be praying for you and for the words to share with you. You are a blessing!
        You are in His grace. Wrapped up. Tucked in.
        Much love,

  2. Like you I cannot see the taking of a life outside or inside the womb. The only thing i don’t have a fixed opinion on is in the case of rape or incest whereby the woman involved is tending toward self-destruction because of it. I would like to think each one has support in place that could see her through this time no matter what…but if she doesn’t and she can’t cope at all …that’s where I cannot form an opinion… but then I don’t judge anyone anyway… It’s totally up to God… Diane

    • I agree, Diane. While those cases makeup so very few of the abortion cases, I understand their plight in decision. I don’t agree with many who say that abortion is the answer then, but I understand and sympathize with these women.

      Support. Ah, Yes. The church has failed in this area and if it were to gain ground in the support area to these women who consider abortion for any reason, I think it wouldn’t even be a choice anymore. They’d feel loved.

  3. Poignant story, Heather. You are not alone and, yes, you are forgiven. And in that forgiveness you are now free to light the way and truth for others in the loving way that you do. Bless you.

    • I love love love that Susan… “You are now free to light the way”. The light is just where I need it! And I’m free to extend that light.
      Oh thank you for that.
      It’s beautiful, what you said!!
      Bless you and your gorgeous longing to run after Jesus alongside others!!

  4. I’m asking myself all the questions you asked, Heather. I won’t go into details other than to say I come from a family that fully supports the right to choose. And before knowing God I think I leaned toward believing the same. Now . . . not so much. I think of the disciples and their willingness to be persecuted for their faith. If I spoke up on my beliefs to my family I fear that persecution and friend, I remain silient. That hurts deeply to admit. I hope my honesty doesn’t change your opinion of me. I choose life. I do. I choose God with all my heart. Okay, that was hard to write and now I’m shedding a few tears so I will stop here. Love you.

    • I love you. His grace is sufficient for me, so I can extend that grace to you, my friend. I private messaged you, but want to say one more thing before I take my hiatus from online stuffs … Your heart draws you nearer to Him; but from His perspective He is always close to you. ❤️ ~ H

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